DM01 – D. muscipula
DM02 – D. muscipula
DM03 – D. ‘Long petiole’
DM04 – D. ‘Royal Red’
DM05 – D. ‘Trichterfalle’
DM06 – D. ‘UK I’
DM07 – D. ‘UK II’
DM08 – D. muscipula “SL15”
DM09 – D. ‘Dracula’
DM10 – D. muscipula “ARPC”
DM11 – D. ‘Cross Teeth’
DM12 – D. muscipula “All Red”
DM13 – D. ‘Alien’
DM14 – D. muscipula “Dingley Giant”
DM16 – D. muscipula “Red-Green”
DM17 – D. muscipula ‘Sawtooth’
DM18 – D. muscipula “Shark Teeth”
DM19 – D. ‘Bohemia Garnet’
DM20 – D.  ‘Cupped Trap’
DM21 – D. muscipula “Red dentate”,  Bcp001
DM22 – D. muscipula “Spider”
DM23 – D. muscipula, dark-red form
DM24 – D. muscipula “Freaky Star”
DM25 – D. muscipula “Gargoyle”
DM26 – D. ‘Wacky Traps’
DM27 – D. ‘Adentate’
DM28 – D. ‘Mirror’
DM29 – D. muscipula “Jumbo”‘
DM30 – D. ‘Fico d’India”
DM31 – D. muscipula “Smog”
DM32 – D.  ‘Spotty’
DM33 – D. muscipula “G16”
DM34 – D. ‘Scarlatine’
DM35 – D. ‘Tiger Fang’
DM36 – D.  ‘Pluto’
DM37 – D. ‘Korrigans’
DM38 – D. muscipula “Vitiligo”
DM39 – D. muscipula “Raptor”
DM40 – D. ‘Werewolf’
DM41 – D. muscipula “Charly Mandon’s Spotted”
DM42 – D. ‘Phalanx’
DM43 – D. muscipula “Square Teeth”
DM44 – D. muscipula “Yellow Orange”
DM45 – D. muscipula, Yuri seedling
DM46 – D. muscipula “Atlanta”
DM47 – D. ‘MK1979’
DM48 – D. muscipula “Black Pearl”
DM49 – D. ‘Microdent’
DM50 – D. ‘Biohazard’
DM51 – D. muscipula, clone Strabi.
DM52 – D. ‘South West Giant’
DM53 – D. ‘Bristol Tooth’
DM54 – D. muscipula “Reptile 2”
DM55 – D. ‘Crocodile’
DM56 – D. muscipula “Bimbo”
DM57 – D. ‘Clayton’s Red Sunset’
DM58D. muscipula “Kim Il-Sung”
DM59D. muscipula “Kim Jong-il”
DM60D. muscipula “Dr No Trap”
DM61D. ‘Angelwings’
DM62 – D. muscipula “Predator”
DM63 – D. muscipula “Cracker”


Dtr01D. burmannii

Dst01D. aliciae
Dst02D. capensis
Dst03 D. capensis “Alba”
Dst04D. capensis “All Red”
Dst05D. spatulata
Dst06D. capensis ‘Albino’
Dst07 D. nidiformis
Dst09 – D. × snyderi
Dst10D. capensis “Stellenbosh RSA”
Dte01D. intermedia
Dte02D. filiformis var. tracyi
Dte03D. rotundifolia
Dte04D. binata
Dte05 – D. binata, T form, red plant, Waihohonu, Desert Road, NZ, 1080m
Dte06D. ‘California Sunset’

Dq01D. adelae

Dp01D. scorpioides. Foto1 Foto2
Dp02D. dichrosepala subsp. enodes
Dp04D. callistos
Dp05D. leucoblasta, Cranbrook form
Dp06 D. stelliflora. Foto1 Foto2
Dp07 – D. “Lake Badgerup”
Dp08 – D. gibsonii
Dp09D. paleacea subsp. paleacea
Dp10D. omissa × pulchella. Foto1
Dp11 – D. occidentalis subsp. occidentalis. Foto1 Foto2
Dp13 – D. dichrosepala subsp. dichrosepala
Dp14 – D. parvula subsp. sargenti
Dp15 – D. pigmaea, Tasmania
Dp16 – D. pycnoblasta. Foto1
Dp17 – D. patens
Dp18 – D. closterostigma
Dp19 – D. pulchella, Purple/Maroon
Dp20 – D. ‘Dorks Pink’. Foto2
Dp22 – D. mannii × omissa. Foto1 Foto2
Dp21 – D. × carbarup
Dp23 – D. silvicola
Dp24 – D. citrina. Foto1 Foto2
Dp25 – D. oreopodion
Dp26 – D. androsacea
Dp27 – D. nivea
Dp28 – D. pulchella, Pink
Dp29D. pulchella, Orange
Dp30D. pulchella, Red/Maroon
Dp31 – D. omissa
Dp32 – D. bindoon
Dp33 – D. leucostigma, Cranbook
Dp34D. miniata, typ Lowrie
Dp35D. platystigma, (A)
Dp36D. seweliae
Dp37D. platystigma, (B)
Dp38D. pulchella, Orange with dark red almost black center Backers Juction W.A. Lowrie 2012
Dp39D. pulchella, Salmon Flower
Dp40 – D. pulchella, -52A
Dp41 – D. pulchella ‘Scott River’
Dp42 – D. pulchella, red 44A
Dp43 – D. pulchella, red centre/ white flower
Dp44D. nitidula × pulchella
Dp45D. australis
Dp46D. spilos
Dp47D. lasiantha
Dp48D. mannii
Dp49D. grievei



DA01D. californica, from Ian Salter seed, 2014.
DA02D. californica, Gasquet Country, California, USA. S, 2015.



C01C. follicularis, Carnivoria clone.
C02C. follicularis, Thomas Carrow clone.



A001 S. alata var. ornata, Heavily veined form, Hill top lakes, TX. W (A4,JA). (A16,MK) Foto1 Foto2
A002 – S. alata var. nigropurpurea, Black tube, De Soto National Forest, MS, W, (A2,JA)(AF). (A27,MK) Foto1 Foto2
A003 – S. alata var. alata, Lightly veined pubescent form, Citronelle, AL. WS, (PW). (A34,MK)
A004 – S. alata, whites crossing, Stone County, Mississippi, F. D’Alessi.
A005 – S. alata, red lid, gets very large and dark red outside, seems to have some introgression with leucophylla, (CK) Foto1 Foto2
A007 – S. alata var. ornata,  heavily veined form, De Soto National Forest. W. (A15,MK)
A008 – S. alata var. alata, Green,Very hooded,White’s Crossing, De Soto National Forest, MSarracenia WS(PW). (A44,MK) Foto1 Foto2
A009 – S. alata, purple troath giant, (Klein). (A59,MK)
A010 – S. alata, red top, Jackson County, Mississippi.
A012 – S. alata var. nigropurpurea. Black tube, large form AA, 2006. (A60,MK) Foto1 Foto2
A013 – S. alata var. atrorubra, All red, De Soto National Forest. Large wide, red lid,W(PW). (A22,MK) Foto1 Foto2
A014 – S. alata var. rubioperculata, all pitchers with red lip,  and red upper tube, Stone Co, WS, (MS). (A46,MK)
A015 – S. alata var. nigropurpurea, CK. Foto1
A016S. alata var. nigropurpurea . Black tube, Stocky pubescent, , De Soto National Forest Clone 3,W,(AH). (A28,MK) Foto1
A017 – S. alata var. alata. Nicholson, Mississippi,W,green light veined pitchers, wide lid. (A45,MK)
A018 – S. alata var. alata. West Louisiana,W,(MS). Heavy veining inside pitcher tube. (A41,MK)

F001S. flava var. cuprea, “Bronze” Santee Coastal Reserve, SC. W, (PW). Foto1 Foto2 Foto3 Foto4
F002S. flava var. ornata, Miramar Beach, FL. (PW). Foto1 Foto2
F003S. flava var. maxima, yellow pitchers, fine red veining. Saphony Creek, Virginia. (F64,PW)
F004S. flava var. rubricorpora, N. Carolina, W, (AF). (F89,MK) Foto1 Foto2
F005S. flava var. rugelii, very tall form, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. WS, (AH). (F100,MK)
F006S. flava var. flava, Chris Walker, 1986. (F80,MK) Foto1 Foto2 Foto3
F007 – S. flava var. rubricorpora, Red tube, Dave Taylor clone, (PM). (F94,MK)
F008S. flava, possible introgression, very vigorous. Foto1
F009 – S. flava var. maxima, sussex co, Virginia. (Phil Wilson). (FL51,RVL)
F011 – S. flava var. atropurpurea. (FL24,RvO) Foto1 Foto2
F012 – S. flava var. atropurpurea, Bay county, FL. (Marston exotics, 1994), AA. Foto1 Foto2 Foto3 Foto4
F013 – S. flava var. ornata/var. rugelii intergrade, Geneva Botanical Gardens, Andrea Amici, 2004. Pitchers can be 12cm wide. (F199,MK) Foto1
F014 – S. flava ‘Claret’. Mike Brook’s clone directly from Adrian Slack. (F25c,MK) Foto1
F015 – S. flava var. ornata. (F11b, M. Srba) Foto1 Foto2
F016 – S. flava var. cuprea, N.Carolina,W, (AF),(F6,JA). (F90,MK)
F017S. flava var. ornata. (SFO25,CA)
F018S. flava var. rugelii, Giant robust clone, (PM). (F18,MK)
F019S. flava var. ornata “Golden”. Foto1 Foto2
F020S. flava var. rubricorpora, Carniflora.
F021 – S. flava “Goldie”. Paul Gardener 2008. (F257,MK) Foto1 Foto2
F022S. flava var. ornata, Gulf Coast. (F73,MK)
F023S. flava var. cuprea, “Klein”, (Fontanelli). The biggest plant I’ve ever seen. Foto1  Foto2
F024S. flava var. ornata, Solid red throat with diffused veins around neck, Apalachicola National Forest, FL W,(PW). (F88,MK) Foto1 Foto2
F025S. flava var. cuprea, Exum, North Carolina,W, (cl1,SM). (F131a,MK)
F026S. flava var. ornata, (Marcello Catalano).
F027S. flava var. atropurpurea, All red .Blackwater River State Forest, Florida. (FL10,RVL) Foto1 Foto2
F028S. flava var. atropurpurea, Blackwater River State Forest, FL. (SF35,JN)
F029S. flava var. rugelii. (FL77,RVL) Foto1 Foto2
F030S. flava var. rubricorpora, f3, very huge pitchers, heavy red spot in neck , CK.
F031S. flava var. ornata, Orto botanico di Parma, simile a F88MK.
F032S. flava var. rubricorpora, Liberty Co, FL (Very Dark). (FL28,RVL),(F30,MK)
F033S. flava var. cuprea, (Nacapito).
F034S. flava var. rubricorpora  ‘Burgundy’. (F26,MK)
F035S. flava var. ornata, orto botanico di Gent, Blegium, seedgrown, 2009. (F38,DR)
F036S. flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. Giant red tube,W(PM,F39c). (F112,MK)
F037S. flava var. rugelii, seedgrow D. Righetti. Foto1 Foto2
F038S. flava var. rubricorpora , Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest FL, var. rugellii style throat patch,W(Andrew Cameron). (F22,MK)
F39aS. flava Heimdallr“, clone A. Foto1
F39bS. flava Mjollnir“, clone B. Foto1 Foto2
F39cS. flava Frigg“, clone C
F040S. flava var. rubricorpora, Allanton, FL, W, (PW). (F184,MK)
F041S. flava var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest (W), ex Dave Richardson. (F024,MK)
F042S. flava var. maxima, Tall yellowish/green pitchers, Bert Blezer. (FL17,RVL)
F043S. flava var. ornata, Selfed seedling, (F53/5,PW). (F122,MK)
F044S. flava var. atropurpurea, small lid. (FL105,RvL)
F045S. flava var. rubricorpora, Holley, FL, W, (F36A,PM). (F82,MK)
F046S. flava var. maxima, CK
F047S. flava var. rugelii, giant clone, nature et paysage, from Jean Jacques Labat
F048S. flava var. rugelii, giant clone, nature et paysage, from JJL x F18,MK.
F049S. flava var. flava, Dahlia Bog, VA, W (F9,JA). (F5,MK)
F050S. flava var. atropurpurea, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W, dipping lid (cl2,SM). (F137,MK)
F051S. flava var. flava f. viridescens ‘Suspicion’. Anthocyanin free clone, AS 2007. (F237,MK)
F052S. flava var. rubricorpora, Purple tube, Milton, FL (W). Plant originated from Alan Hindle. (F187,MK)
F053S. flava var. flava, (SM clone 1, large lemon green pitcher). (F155,MK)
F054S. flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, MS. (F189,MK)

F055S. flava var. rugelii, Milton, FL W; (F68,JA), copper tinged in early growth. (F17,MK)
F056 – S. flava var. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka, FL. Clone 1,W,(SM). (F56,MK)
F057 – S. flava var. rubricorpora

L001S. leucophylla, Pubescent form, Citronelle, AL. W, (PW). (L38,MK)
L002S. leucophylla “Helmut’s Delight”, Christian Klein 2004. (L81,MK) Foto1 Foto2
L003S. leucophylla, white top , superb white form. (J.Ainsworth). (L07,PJP) Foto1 Foto2
L004 – S. leucophylla `Tarnok’ ,W. Mutant flower form. (L55,MK)

L005 – S. leucophylla, Baldwin Co., AL. W, (MS). (L20B,MK) Foto1
L006 – S. leucophylla, Washington Co., near Citronelle, AL. (L112,AA)
L007 – S. leucophylla, Helmut’s Delight from seed, (L81MK × self).
L008S. leucophylla ‘Schnells Ghost’, Yellow flowered form, W, (AP). (L4,MK)
L009 – S. leucophylla “Pantera Rosa”, seedgrown D. Righetti, (L4MK × self). Foto1
L010 – S. leucophylla, Giant plant from Dean Cook. (L77B,MK)
L011 – S. leucophylla, (“Titan” × Self), Plantev 2009, 124cm. Foto1 Foto2
L012 – S. leucophylla, (S. leucophylla var. alba × S. leucophylla), Plantev 2009.
L013 – S. leucophylla, Pink upper tube, Martin Cheek (Steve Morley). (L43,MK)
L014 – S. leucophylla, Scarlet throat. Evident S. flava introgression, +100cm. Foto1 Foto2
L015 – S. leucophylla, L20c × ‘Schnells Ghost’. (L34a, M. Srba)
L016S. leucophylla, Large pink lipped, Apalachicola National Forest,W,(PW). (L18,MK) Foto1 Foto2
L017S. leucophylla var. alba, seedgrown, Christian klein.
L018S. leucophylla “Pink Touch”, Carniflora seedling. Foto1 Foto2
L019S. leucophylla, Tall green & white form, Citronelle, AL, (PW). (L2,MK) Foto1
L020S. leucophylla, Pubescent form, Perdido, AL., W; (AH). (L7,MK)
L021S. leucophylla “AntiVenom”, large portion of white on the tube. Foto1 Foto2
L022S. leucophylla, (L57MK × L18MK). (LL5,YS) 
L023 – S. leucophylla “Ghost”, pure white top, Baldwin co, AL. WS(MS). (L50,MK) Foto1
L024S. lecophylla “Alba”,SL8, Clone #8, CK.
L025S. leucophylla, pubescens, completly covered with white hairs, stunning plant. CK.
L026S. leucophylla var. alba, some thin red veins, clone #14 CK.
L027S. leucophylla, Gas Station Site, Perdido Alabama (Nigel Owden).
L028S. leucophylla, Red & white, large stocky pitcher, red lip (AP). (LE26,RVL), (L31,MK)
L029S. leucophylla ‘Schnells Ghost’, CK
L030S. leucophylla, Red/pink tube, Perdido, AL. (L07,PW). (L49a,MK)
L031S. leucophylla, Red/pink tube, Perdido, AL. (PW). (L49b,MK)
L032S. leucophylla, typical clone, Thomas Carow 2009.
L033S. leucophylla f. viridescens, Bill Scholl original (Phil Sheridan). (L46a,MK)
L034S. leucophylla, Hurricane creek white, seedling. Vigorous, Stefan Lessen.
L035S. leucophylla “Bunting Original”. (SL27,AS)
L036S. leucophylla “BonBon” (Klein). Foto1 Foto2
L037 – S. leucophylla, red&white / red lip.
L038S. leucophylla, Yellow flowered form, ,Citronelle, AL. W(PM,L10). (L42,MK)
L039 – S. leucophylla var. alba. (L09,MK)
L040S. leucophylla var. alba, veiny but very tall form, Stefan Lessen.
L041 S. leucophylla, Yellow River, Santa Rosa Co. FL  Upper ‘White’ zone is covering 1/3rd of the pitcher length(A clone MSrba). (L103,MK)
L042S. leucophylla, Hosford, FL. Eastern limit of range,W Peristome is tinged with pink. (L51b,MK)
L043S. leucophylla, Plant with possible introgression with alata. Miroslav Srba, 2005. (L53,MK)
L044S. leucophylla, Hot pink Selections 1, Botanique. (L48a,MK)
L045S. leucophylla, Red stripe in throat. (SL61,AC)

M001S. minor var. okefenokeensis. Foto1 Foto2
M003 – S. minor var. minor, Francis Marion National Forest, Berkeley Co., South Carolina.

PV01S. purpurea subsp. venosa var. venosa f. pallidiflora.
PV02 – S. purpurea subsp. venosa. Foto1
PV03 – S. purpurea hybrid C. Foto1 Foto2
PV04S. purpurea subsp. purpurea, anthocianin free.

PS001 – S. psittacina var. psittacina f. viridescens.
PS002S. psittacina.

O001 – S. oreophila, purple throat, Georgia.
O004 – S. oreophila “Holland Clone”.
O005S. oreophila, introgression with S. alata. Foto1 Foto2 Foto3
O006S. oreophila, Dave Taylor Clone. (O4,MK)
O007S. oreophila, Pietro Paulo Clone,(O202,JA). (O11,MK)

R001 S. rubra subsp. gulfensis, large form, Yellow River, FL., W, Mark Wilkinson. (RG5,MK)
R002 – S. rubra subsp. alabamensis.
R004 – S. rubra subsp. wherryi, short compact form.
R006S. rubra subsp. wherryi, bcp.
R007 – S. rubra subsp. gulfensis, Yellow River, Florida. Anthocyanin-free, fenestrated clone. (SR18,AS)

H001S. × “Camisole”. Foto1 Foto2
H002S. × “Snow White”. Foto1
H003S. × chelsonii, Carniflora.
H004 S. × wrigleyana, Cresco.
H005S. ‘Juthatip Soper’. Foto1 Foto2 Foto3
H007S. × moorei “Bicolor”, double colored flower.
H008S. × (S. alata “Marcel Lecoufle” × S. × “Dino Almacolle”). Foto1 Foto2
H009S. × (S. × excellens x S. minor var. okefenokeensis). (H16’04,PC)
H012 – S. × moorei “Green Lime”, Carniflora. Foto1 Foto2
H013 – S. ‘Flash’, (DC 2004). (H100,MK)  Foto1 Foto2 Foto3
H014 – S. × moorei, Pinkish top, Derek Clavell-Bate/Norman Parker. (H87,MK) Foto1 Foto2
H015 – S. ‘Lynda Butt’. (SX30,AS) Foto1 Foto2 Foto3 Foto4
H016S. × moorei, FL, ( W). S. flava var. rugelii × S. leucophylla. (H34,MK) Foto1 Foto2 
H017S. × moorei ‘Elizabeth’, Norman Parker. (H89,MK) Foto1 Foto2
H018S. × “Stevensii”.
H019S. × (S. leucophylla var. pubescent × S. ‘Leah Wilkerson’). Foto1
H020S. × “Red Reaper”. Foto1 Foto2
H021S. × Hybrid, wide mouth. Foto1 Foto2
H022S. × areolata “Trinità”, Carniflora. Foto1 Foto2
H023S. × areolata “October Hope”, Carniflora. Foto1 Foto2
H024S. × areolata “Fegatone”, Carniflora seedling. Foto1 Foto2
H025S. × “Dana’s Delight”, DC 2004. (H109,MK) Foto1 Foto2 
H026 – S. × “Pink thing”, (SL182,AS) 2007. (H187,MK) Foto1
H027S. × catesbaei. Foto1 Foto2
H028S. × mitchelliana “Moby Dick”, Carniflora. Foto1 Foto2
H029 – S. × “Angry Ale”, Carniflora. Foto1 Foto2
H030 – S. ‘Leah Wilkerson’, S. × moorei, Walton Co, FL.,W, (Brooks Garcia 2004). (H112,MK) Foto1 Foto2 Foto3
H031 – S. ‘Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC 2004). (H101,MK)
H032S. × moorei, All red (SM). (H61MK) Foto1
H033S. × (S. leucophylla × S. oreophila) × S. leucophylla 2R/P, M. Srba. Foto1 Foto2
H034S. × mitchelliana, Cresco.
H035 – S. × “Diane Whittaker”, (S. leucophylla × S. minor) × S. leucophylla, 1992.
H036 – S. ‘Hugh Jampton’, Stocky, wide mouth, large lid, heavy veins in throat and lid. (SX200S,AS) Foto1 Foto2
H037 – S. × moorei “The Beast”, Carniflora. (H318,MK) Foto1  Foto2
H038S. × “Night Sky”, (DC 2004). (H96,MK)
H039S. × (S. ‘Rudolf II’ × S. leucophylla 22D/A), M. Srba. Foto1 Foto2
H040S. × “Orange Sunset”. (H5,AF)
H041S. × (S. ‘Brooks Hybrid’ × S. ‘Leah Wilkerson’).
H042S. × (L07MK × S. ‘Leah Wilkerson’), clone #8. Foto1
H043S. × (S. leucophylla var. pubescens × S.× poopei).
H045S. × (O18MK × S. leucophylla “Labbra Bianche”). Foto1 Foto2
H046S. × (S. leucophylla “Labbra Bianche” × S. × “Salmon Hybrid”).
H047S. × (S. alata, Red Lid × S. flava). (H17,MK)
H048S. × areolata, bulbous shape, greenish pitchers, carniflora, 2010.
H049S. × moorei, Green upper pitcher, Marston Exotics, 2000. (H63,MK)
H050S. × “GNKT”, beautiful shape, unknown hybrid (possibly S. x moorei).
H051S. × excellens, nice pink clone, carniflora, 2005.
H052S. × excellens, Fabio D’Alessi.
H054S. leucophylla × S. rubra.
H055S. × areolata “Winter Time”, carniflora.
H056 – S. × (S. leucophylla × ( S. leucophylla × S. × “Eva”)).
H057 – S. × bellii, very tall pitchers, PM. (H39,MK)
H060S. × (S. leucophylla × S. rubra subsp. gulfensis, giant), Yellow River, FL (W). (H015,MK)
H061S. × (S. leucophylla × S. psittacina) “Judy”, PJ Plants version. Plant is similar, but not the same as the original ‘Judy’. (H167,MK)
H062S. × (S. alata, red lid × S. leucophylla) “Uncle Jim`s Rd 1”. (H011a,MK)
H063S. × (S. flava var. atropurpurea × S. rubra), Orange tones, rubra pattern on flava shape. Bright red flower. (MarS-SH001)
H064S. × (S. oreophila × S. leucophylla), Intricate red and olive green veins, nicely undulated lid. CK. (MarS-SH002)
H065S. × [(S. purpurea × S. flava) × S. leucophylla], Originally sold as ‘Evendine’ by Nature et Paysages. (MarS-H007)
H066S. × (S. minor var. minor × S. flava var. rugelii), Green pitchers, broad lids, faint areoles. Veins resemble S. minor. (MarS-SH011)
H067S. × (S. alata × S. leucophylla),Undulated spotted lid, honey-like tones. (MarS-SH021)
H068S. × (S. flava var. cuprea × S. alata var. nigropurpurea), Raised from seed by Valentina Bor. (HF03,VB)
H069S. × {S. alata, giant × [(S. psittacina × S. purpurea) × S. leucophylla]}, Dark maroon throat, broad undulated lid, bulbous upper tube. (H35’04,PC)
H070S. × “Pink Eye”. (H243,MK)
H071 – S. × “Purple Rain”. (H6,AF)
H072S. × “Crimson Queen”, (S. leucophylla × S. oreophila), Norman Parker 2004. (H138,MK)
H073S. × moorei ”Joanna”, (flava var. rugelii x leucophylla). Andy Bullock 2005. (H169 ,MK)
H074S. × moorei, (S. leucophylla x S. flava, giant red tube), red. Neil Chaplin.
H075S. flava var. maxima × S. alata, 2006 AA.
H076S. leucophylla × S. × mitchelliana, Araflora.
H077S. × catesbaei, green.
H078S. × ‘Brooks Hybrid’. (H7,MK)
H079S. × willisii, Broad lid (DC 2004). (H105,MK)
H080 S. × ‘Adrian Slack’, Milton, FL (W);  Barry Rice (2004). (H113,MK)
H081S. ‘Royal Ruby’. (SXM43,CA
H082S. ‘Eva’, (Leiden 2010). (H252,MK)
H083S. × ”Glider”, Valentina Bordin, 2010. (H218,MK)

H84a – S. x “Andromeda”, seedgrown 2014.
H84b – S. x “Virgo”, seedgrown 2014.
H84c – S. x “Magellano”, seedgrown 2014.
H85 – S. x “Mahakala”, seedgrow 2016.
H86 – S. x “Carnot“,
 seedgrow 2015



He01 – H. nutans


N001N. “Linda”
N003N. × ventrata
N005N. “Louisa”
N007N. ovata
N008N. fusca
N009N. ampullaria, red picther green lips
N010N. bicalcarata
N011N. maxima “Wavy Leaf”


U3U. subulata
U4U. longifolia
U6U. livida “Mexico”
U7U. gibba